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Programme of the Third International Congress on Yak

4–9 September 2000, Lhasa, Tibet, P.R. China

Chairpersons: Ms Camille Richard, Drs Abdul Wahid Jasra and Zhang Degang

3 September 20:00

First meeting of the members of the organising committee

Chairperson: Prof Wei Xuecheng

Secretary: Dr Han Jianlin

4 September 9:00–10:30

Opening ceremony 

Chairperson: Mr Wang Chengjie (Director, Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR), P.R. China)

Opening speeches

Mr Gyalbu (Vice Governor, People's Government of TAR, P.R. China)

Mr Chen Zhenrong (President, Tibetan Academy of Agricultural and Animal Sciences of TAR, P.R. China)

Dr Denis Hoffmann (Representative of FAO-ROAP)

Dr Horst E. Geilhausen (Representative of Yak and Camel Foundation in Germany)

Dr James Gabriel Campbell (Director General, ICIMOD)


Visit to the yak products exhibition


Special Session

Chairpersons: Drs Gerald Wiener and Nyima Tashi


Mr Wang Wenpei, 'Brief introduction to agricultural and animal husbandry development in Tibetan Autonomous Region' 

Dr Corneille Jest, 'Towards a global approach to the study of yak research and development'

Ms Camille Richard, 'The potential for rangeland development in yak rearing areas of the Tibetan Plateau'


Pastoral production systems in yak-rearing areas

Chairpersons: Ms Camille Richard, Drs Abdul Wahid Jasra and Zhang Degang


Julia Klein, 'Climatic and grazing controls on vegetative aboveground biomass: Implications for the rangelands on the north-eastern Tibetan Plateau'

Hermann Kreutzmann, 'Recent results of yak research in Western High Asia'

Li Quan, 'Disscussion on yak sustainable development in southern Qinghai Province'

Satrughan Lal Pradhan, 'Yak crossbred production in the central Upper Slope Region of Nepal: A community resource management strategy in the Central Upper Slope'

Xie Hongyan, 'Current rangeland management in Zhongdian County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, north-western Yunnan, China' Rita Merkle, 'Nomadism: A socio-ecological mode of culture'

Wolfgang Holzner, 'Integrative agro-ecological investigations of the pastures the TAR, China' 

Ken Bauer, 'The cultural ecology of yak production in Dolpo, West Nepal, with comments on the prospects for sustainable pastoral livelihoods and economic development in the western Himalaya'


Greeting Banquet

Chairperson, Mr Zhou Chunlai (Vice General Secretary, People's Government of TAR, P.R. China)

Greeting, Mr Gyalbu (Vice Governor, People's Government of TAR, P.R. China)

5 September 9:00–12:30

Genetic diversity of wild and domestic yak: Conservation and management

Chairpersons: Dr Olivier Hanotte, Mr David Steane and Dr Han Jianlin


Jillian F. Bailey, 'Genetic variation of mitochondrial DNA within domestic yak populations'

Olivier Hanotte, 'Low level of cattle introgression in yak populations from Bhutan and China: Evidences from Y-specific microsatellites and mitochondrial DNA markers'

Tashi Dorji, 'Genetic diversity in Bhutanese yak (Poephagus grunneins) populations using microsatellite markers'

Gerald Wiener, 'Opportunities for the improvement of yak production with particular reference to genetic options'

Qi Xuebin, 'Genetic variations of yak in Gansu: Inferared from their milk protein polymorphisms'

Han Kai, 'Crisis leading to decline of wild yak and issues for their protection and utilisation'

Zheng Yucai, 'Milk protein genetic polymorphism: A comparison between Maiwa yak and Jiulong yak'

Fan Baoliang, 'Cloning and sequencing of the 5' -flanking region of kappa casein gene in yak'.

5 September 14:30–18:00

Reproduction and breeding

Chairpersons: Drs Ed Rege, Michael Goe and Zhao Xinbo


Michael R. Goe, 'Monitoring of traits for yak and yak-cattle crosses'

Zhong Jincheng, 'Analysis of main component about several breeding traits of Maiwa yak'

T. Suzuki, 'Efficient production of transgenic bovine/cat by microinjection and cloning technology of early embryos'

Yun Den, 'Effects of selection and breeding on yak within breeds in Linzhou Yak Breeding Farm'

M. Kasmaliev, 'Efficient ways for the increases of yak numbers and their production'

Chen Jingb, 'Review of the development of Bayingolin yak'

Ji Qiumei, 'Present situation and resource of yak production and reasons for degeneration of Tibetan yak productive performances'

A. Magash, 'The preliminary experiment to induce superovulation in female yak'

Andras Kovacs, 'Light microsocopic investigations on frozen-thawed yak semen—A pilot study'

Andras Kovacs, 'Experiments on sexing yak spermatozoa by fluorescent in-situ hybridisation using bovine Y-chromosome specific DNA probe'

Yan Shoudong, 'A study on the improvement of yak reproductive performance by introducing wild yak blood'

L. Tshering, 'Artificial insemination trial in yak in Bhutan'


Tibetan Art Performances at Haisha Auditoria by Nationality Art Group of Lhasa City

Speech: Mr Luosang Jiangcun (Mayor, Lhasa City, TAR, P.R. China)

6 September 9:00–12:30

Diseases and health services

Chairpersons: Drs Peter J. Waller, Lham Tshering and Hu Songhua


Peter J. Waller, 'Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) and yak (Bos (Poephagus) grunniens): Disparate animal species—Similar environment, management and parasite problems'

Tian Yun, 'Drug susceptibility test of E. coli isolates from healthy yak of Qinghai'

Horst E. Geilhausen, 'Serological survey on infectious diseases of a White yak herd in the Gansu Province'

Hu Songhua, 'Treatment of bovine mastitis with medicinal herbs and acupuncture'

Karin Persson Waller, 'Mastitis control in ruminants'

Zeng Qionghui, 'Test of enterotoxicity of E. coli from yak'

Horber Peter, 'The contribution of community animal health worker's (CAHW's) to an efficient animal health management system'

Durga Datt Joshi, 'Impact of national parks and tourism on yak farming system in the Alpine Himalayan Region of Nepal' 

6 September 14:30–18:00

Nutrition and forage management

Chairpersons: Drs James Robinson, Laurens Wester and Zheng Yucai


Walter Roder, ‘Grazing resources for yak production systems in Bhutan’

Barbara Brower, ‘Yak grazing and forest dynamics in Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal’

Abdul Wahid Jasra, ‘Yak pastoralism in Pakistan’

W. Eric Limbach, ‘Grass and legume variety trials in eastern Tibet’

Long Ruijun, ‘Availability and utilisation of shrubs as the protein sources for the yak grazing on alpine grass meadow of Tibetan Plateau, China’

Laurens Wester, ‘Production and use of an illustrated handbook for sheep and yak herders in Qinghai’

Zhang Degang, ‘Potential of alpine shrubs in Qilian Mountain Regions’

R.N. Pal, ‘Urea enriched fingermillet (Elensine coracana) straw: Effect of feeding on yak’

Gui Rong, ‘Rumen ciliate protozoal fauna of yak (Bos grunniens) in China with the description of Entodinium monuo n.sp.

20:00 Poster session and free discussion
20:00 Second Meeting of the Members of the Organising Committee

Chairperson: Prof Wei Xuecheng

Secretary: Dr Han Jianlin

7 September
Bus leave at 8:00
Visiting Linzhou Yak Farm
8 September
Bus leave at 7:00
Visiting Dangxiong Yak Farm
9 September 9:00–12:00 Visiting Potala Palace and Tibetan Museum
9 September
Yak products and their
processing and marketing
Chairpersons: Drs Kulsina Kachkynbaeva and Han Jianlin


Ma Zhengchao, ‘Development of yak veal and its related technology’

Bhu Chong, ‘Beef production and quality of three fine yak breeds in Tibet of P.R. China’

K. Kachkynbaeva, ‘Issues of development of yak products and their processing and marketing’

Braja K.P. Shaha, ‘Economics of yak farming with relation to tourism in Nepal’

9 September
Environmental physiology
Chairpersons: Drs Eijin Han and Luo Xiaolin

Speakers: Gerald Wiener, ‘Adaptation of yak to non–typical environments: A preliminary survey of yak in North America’ 

Luo Xiaolin, ‘Productivity of yak in southern Qinghai Province’

Mihir Sarkar, ‘Physiological responses of yak under different environments’

9 September
Closing ceremony
Chairperson: Mr Wang Wenpei (Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of TAR, P.R. China) 

Thanks note: Mr Nyima Tsering (Vice Governor, People’s Government of TAR, P.R. China)

Dr Corneille Jest (Directeur de Recherche (Emeritus), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France)

Prof Zhang Rongchang (Director, IYIC) 

Summaries and recommendations: Dr Han Jianlin (Executive Secretary, IYIC)

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