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Address on the opening dinner of the Third International Congress on Yak

Distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen,

I, on behalf of the People's Government of the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR), would like to take this opportunity to express our warmest welcome to the delegates of the Third International Congress on Yak.

We are very happy that the Third International Congress on Yak is being held in Lhasa. Being the main yak production area in China and also among other yak-raising countries, the TAR has a larger yak population. Yak is a very valuable resource of the TAR. Therefore, we should be at the position to contribute much more to the world in the field of yak research, development, and utilisation. I believe that this congress would be a good opportunity for us to learn and exchange experiences in yak research and development.

It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar. Experts whose major focus is on yak research and development from various parts of the world and sister provinces have gathered here in Lhasa, to explore yak research and development and to offer their excellences and ideas and to share the fruits of human civilisation. With the rapid development of science and technology, international co-operation and exchanges have become more and more important. This congress is not only a venue for scientific workshop, but should also serve as a venue for enhancing friendship. I am sure it can promote co-operation among countries and regions, while also strengthening research and development of yak husbandry.

September is the golden time in Lhasa with beautiful scenery. The hospitable Tibetan people in their own cultural manner welcome you to the sunshine city–Lhasa.

Finally, I would like to express our best wishes to all of you.


Vice Governor, People's Government of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, P.R. China

Welcome speech to the Tibetan art performance

Ladies, gentlemen and friends,

In this golden harvest season, the Third International Congress on Yak is held in Lhasa. We are honoured to have both the domestic and foreign scholars and specialists come to Lhasa to participate in the congress.

On behalf of the Lhasa people, I am very happy to welcome all of you here and congratulate the opening of the Third International Congress on Yak.

Lhasa city has a history of 1300 years. It is the centre of politics, economy and culture in the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR). It also has beautiful scenery and plenty of sunlight. The weather here is quite mild-never too cold in winter and never too hot in summer. We also have many places of great interests. Potala Palace, as the major religious and historical building, with other temples located in Lhasa, form a special tourism site. At the same time, the unique blue sky, white clouds, grass fields and lakes enhance the great beauty of Lhasa. Lhasa always enjoys a good reputation all over the world. In recent years, travelling to Lhasa becomes a hot topic in both China and abroad. The number of tourists increases very rapidly. And the tourism business has developed greatly.

After the 13th CCIP, Lhasa, which is under the leadership of our party and government and with the help of all the other provinces and cities in China, enjoys a rapid progress in every respect. The infrastructure such as transportation, energy and communication is developing continuously. The construction held in Lhasa makes our city change day by day. Education, sanitation, literature and all the other social amenities develop rapidly. Commercial agriculture enjoys a great progress, which makes all our people live better. The further development of unique yak resources becomes really fast. The yak industry in the TAR is making its way to a bright future. I believe that from this congress we can promote our yak business in the TAR greatly.

At last, I am, on behalf of all the Lhasa people, again wish you a successful congress and a good time here. We truly hope all of you can have some time to appreciate our unique culture of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and enjoy the pleasure of the harvest with the Tibetan people.

Thank you!

Luosang Jiangcun
Mayor, Lhasa City, TAR, P.R. China

Closing remarks

Distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen, and friends,

With hard work and the commitment and co-operation of all the delegates, the Third International Congress on Yak is being closed today. The congress opened with a session on pastoral production systems followed by sessions on genetic diversity of yak, diseases and health care, nutrition and forage management, processing and marketing of yak products, reproduction and breeding, and environmental physiology of yak. During the congress, all delegates from China and abroad have exchanged and discussed latest achievements of research and key issues related to the development of yak husbandry. This will indeed play a very important role in learning and introducing experiences and knowledge for a sustainable development of yak production in Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR).

From the very beginning of the preparations for this congress, we have got a lot of supports and assistances from various institutions and organisations from both the local government and abroad. As one of the main agencies related to yak research and development, the Tibetan Academy of Agricultural and Animal Sciences was assigned to organise the congress by the People's Government of the TAR. The Academy has thus prepared this congress as one of its major activities in this year. With great supports, co-operation and participations from all the delegates, this congress have been held very successfully. The aims of the congress, such as to learn from each other, to exchange information, to improve the understanding and to strengthen the collaboration, have been fully achieved. Today, on behalf of the People's Government of the TAR, let me express my sincere appreciation to all the organisations and delegates who have been supporting the congress.

In the present world, science and technology have been developing very rapidly, thus there is an increasing need for strengthening the exchange, sharing of information and working on environmental conservation. Yak is not only important for the TAR, but is also a very valuable resource for all human beings. Therefore, the utilisation of the yak resource should be targeted and research and development should be jointly conducted. The TAR is willing to keep long-term collaboration with all organisations mandated with research and development of yak. The TAR is also eager to adopt all new technologies and knowledge to contribute to mankind.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, We have been very pleased to have the opportunity to organise the Third International Congress on Yak, which was held here in Lhasa, the ancient city on the Plateau. However, we also feel that there were limitations in our services during the congress. But we have sincerely offered our best. We really hope that we all join hands to strengthen the collaboration and widen research and development of yak husbandry so that the yak production will be further promoted.

I sincerely wish health and happiness to all the delegates.

Thank You!

Nyima Tsering
Vice Governor, People's Government of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, P.R. China

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