Monitor the breeding programme to show impact

A final, but significant,part of a breeding programme is the initial evaluation of the options and regular analyses of the outcome of the programme (FAO, 2010); [CS 1.6 by Mpofu and Rege]. Such analyses should demonstrate the genetic improvements obtained in all important traits and also the effects on total output of products and per unit of measurement, e.g., per animal, per hectare etc. and the economic impacts at both farm and national levels. Outputs should be related to inputs and the status of natural resources utilized. These change with time and must be revised accordingly. By regularly monitoring the breeding programme, corrective measures can be taken to improve it [Computer exercises: Breeding plans]; [Manual exercises: Selection and Genetic gain]. Showing the impact of the breeding programme may also be essential for its future support. If regular monitoring cannot be conducted, similar studies could be done as research projects at certain intervals, whereby data from the recording scheme are used to analyse the genetic changes in different traits and to study population structure [Group discussion: Breeding programmes].