The listing includes examples of websites useful in teaching animal breeding and in research projects. The websites are all referred to in the text, and were accessed on June 2006.

Many of the websites in the list are described in more detail in the tool [Web Resources] in the Animal Genetics Training Resource.

Websites to databases, software, literature, teaching and communication

Anubis - Map Selector (animal genome maps). Roslin Institute, UK.

ArkDB - Animal Genome Database. Roslin Institute, UK.


Breeds of Livestock. Breeds database at Oklahoma State University.

DAD-IS (Domestic Animal Diversity Information System). FAO.

Effective Presentations (by Radel, J.). University of Kansas Medical Center. On-line tutorial series.

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).

Fleming, N.D. 2001.VARK: a guide to learning styles. (VARK materials are free for use in student or teacher development with attribution, but permission must be granted; see the VARK website).

GENET. La partie commune de GENET. Les modules en ligne (Animal Breeding course notes in French). Downloaded free for printing at:

GENUP (by Kinghorn, B.). Computer aided learning for quantitative genetics. Univ. of New England, Dept of Animal Science, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. Software downloaded free at:

GenStat Discovery. Free version of GenStat developed by VSN International for use by not-for-profit research organizations, charities and educational institutes based in the developing world.

Harris, R. 2004. Anti-plagiarism strategies for research papers.

ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute).

Informatics - Mouse Genome Informatics. The Jackson Laboratory.

LEAD (Livestock Environment and Development).

Microsoft Clip-art Gallery (clip-art that can be downloaded by licensed Microsoft users

OCOA (Online Cytogenetics of Animals).

OMIA (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals). Database compiled by Nicholas, F.W., Brown, S.C. and Le Tissier, P.R. Univ. of Sydney, Dept of Animal Science, Australia.

OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man). National Center for Biotechnology Information.

OWL at Purdue. Evaluating sources of information. Purdue University, USA.

PEST (software used for prediction of breeding values). Contact Eildert Groeneveld, e-mail:

PEDIGREE VIEWER (by Kinghorn, B. and Kinghorn, S.). Software downloaded free at:

R (Statistical package). Software downloaded free at:

Reid, P. 2000. Handbook for preparing and writing research proposals. 164 pp. International Union of Forest Research Organizations. Handbook in pdf-format; also a PowerPoint presentation.

SelAction. Software for optimization of breeding programs. For information, contact Pieter Bijma ( at Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

UMKC SI. Supplemental Instruction website at University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA

VCE (by E. Groeneveld). Software used for variance component estimation.

WOMBAT (by K. Mayer). This software will replace DFREML. Released in Aug 2006.

World Bank Report. 2000. Higher Education in Developing Countries: Peril and Promise. Task Force Report.

Websites for literature search (Bibliographic databases free of charge)

AGRICOLA. (AGRICultural OnLine Access). Bibliographic database of citations to the agricultural literature created by the National Agricultural Library and its cooperators.

AGRIS. International information system for the agricultural sciences and technology. Created by FAO in 1974.

Ingenta. Free literature searching of academic and professional journals. Summaries often provided.

Websites to search engines

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Combining several search engines: ;

Websites containing useful links

Universities Worldwide. Links to home pages of universities all over the world.

Quantitative Genetics Resources (Listing of websites to literature, class notes, software etc. Compiled by Lynch, M. and Walsh, B.)